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Our Story

Frog Dog Co. launched in the UK in 2020, striving to bring the most comfortable, highest quality apparel for dogs, so that they can have fun with their friends and humans whilst looking great!

The three aspects of our motto are:

  • Comfort: Our products are branded as Comfy-Wear for a reason, and are specifically designed with comfort for you and your dog in mind. That's why you'll find soft padding on our products strategically placed to maximise comfort. We only produce fully adjustable harnesses to help find that perfect fit around both the dogs neck and chest for their comfort whilst wearing and walking. As dog owners we found other harnesses just wouldn't fit right and this helped drive us to starting Frog Dog Co.
  • Quality: We use the finest quality materials, apply the highest attention to detail in our production process, and carry out multiple levels of quality assurance checks throughout our supply chain to ensure the product you receive is of the quality you expect. 
  • Fun: We want you and your dogs to have fun! Our products take the worry out of everything else so you can focus on enjoying yourself. We also create cute, fun designs so your dog not only feels great, but looks great too!

Origins of the Frog Dog Co. Branding & Logo

The Frog Dog Co. brand and logo was inspired by the founders French Bulldog, Obi. He has classic black & white pied markings, with black fur covering both eyes and ears, which is why all our branding is black & white themed. I'm sure you'll see the likeness to Obi in our logo, and you may even spot him in some of our cute designs!

French Bulldogs or Frenchies are well known for their character and as such have attracted a number of other names and characteristic labels. One of which is the Frog Dog and hence our company name! Frenchies are often called Frog Dogs for a couple of reasons:

  • Their name "French Bulldogs" can be shortened by taking the start and end of both words hence "Fr-og"
  • They often lay unlike other dog breeds with their hind legs sprawled out directly behind them, like a Frog!

Although our branding was inspired by one particular breed, we are absolutely committed to providing products which suit as many breeds as we possibly can.

More about Obi

Obi was born 4th October 2018, and is a black & white pied pedigree French Bulldog. He's now fully grown, and weighs in at a whopping 18kg which is very large for his breed. 

Obi CEO of Frog Dog Co

Typically for his breed, he's friendly, cuddly, lots of fun and of course crazy. One of Frenchie's common activities is a bout of the "Zoomies" whereby they charge around a room or other area at full throttle for a few minutes for no apparent reason. Obi is a pro at this, and this actually inspired our first Harness design which we called Zoomies! You'll see Obi pictured riding rockets in this cute design, it certainly seems like thats what he's doing when he's got the Zoomies! You can shop our Zoomies range here.

At just a few months old, Obi had an accident whilst playing and landed awkwardly on a hard floor. One of his hind legs hyper-extended, and as a result broke the growth plate on his knee. Being just a puppy we were obviously very worried about what this would mean for his growth into adulthood, but after specialist surgery which pinned all the bone fragments back into place, he started on the road to recovery. Obi still has the pins in his leg today, but we're pleased to report he made a full recovery, and lives a completely normal life. Only a trained vet would likely notice it ever happened!

You can follow Obi's adventures on Instagram @obi_a.frenchie.story