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Poop Clip - FROG DOG CO.
Poop Clip - FROG DOG CO.
Poop Clip - FROG DOG CO.

Poop Clip

Frog Dog Co.
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The FROG DOG CO. Poop Clip.

These Dog Poo Bag Holders let you walk your dog hands free of Dog Poop! Our super handy dog walking Poop Clip accessory simply clips onto your Frog Dog Co Lead, and can carry your used dog poo bags for you.

FROG DOG CO. Dog Poop Clips are jam-packed with features:
🐷 Colour matching each of our unique FROG DOG CO. designs
🪶 Handy Clip to attach to your Lead
🛍 Cut away slits to carry your dog poo bags
📏 6cm diameter silicone disc

IMPORTANT: Please check your dog wear is safe to use before every use. No dog walking product is indestructible, and will deteriorate due to wear and tear over time. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure their pets and the general public are safe.