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  • Doggie Dental Care

    You brush your teeth say two or even three times a day, right? Does you doggo brush theirs too? Even if they could, I very much doubt Frenchie's would bother, given their eat, sleep, zoom repeat lifestyle. Just like us, they have just one set once their baby teeth are gone, so they need to be looked after. Here's our tips on how to care for your canine's dental assets.
  • Starting The Frenchie Stories

    As I write this first blog in The Frenchie Storiesour little rascal Obi is fast asleep on the lounge floor after a fun filled weekend with his cousin (if you follow his human relationships that is) Cassini the Collie, and a Whippet called Pippa.
  • An introduction to Obi

    Time to give you some more details of our lovable pup. Just who is Obi?
    Short, stocky, snorting Obi is a pedigree French Bulldog, often known as a Frenchie.