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Starting The Frenchie Stories

As I write this first blog in The Frenchie Stories, our little rascal Obi is fast asleep on the lounge floor after a fun filled weekend with his cousin (if you follow his human relationships that is) Cassini the Collie, and a Whippet called Pippa.
It's no surprise that he's crashed out after trying to keep pace with those two; the poor boy hasn't got much in terms of stamina which is typical for his breed, but what he lacks in stamina he certainly makes up for with enthusiasm!
On our way home from Chester to Peterborough, we stopped off at a small ice cream business called Snugbury's, and managed to keep the boy still for a moment or two to snap this photo in their lovely courtyard.

So why write a blog for this cute but rather mischievous little dog?

We started documenting Obi's life with photos on Instagram the day we brought him home, which is pretty much 8 months ago to the day. It's actually his 10 month birthday today if such a milestone is a thing! Since then he's built up quite a following, and so we thought the time was right to open up the story with some details to the snippets of his life you see in the photos we post on Instagram.
If you've come across this blog by some other means, then be sure to follow Obi on Instagram @obi_a.frenchie.story here.
We'll be writing regular blog posts about anything and everything that happens in Obi's story, from what's happened so far in his life, what he's been up to, what it's like to care for a Frenchie in daily life, our favourite accessories and I'm sure much, much more.
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